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Flamma® has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) according to the latest UL 10C. This test was conducted under positive pressure to match the real conditions in case of fire. The requirements of UL 10C are higher than the previous standards UL 10A and UL 10B. Flamma® has also been tested to Dinas Kebakaran DKI standard and SNI.



Versa® provides a great range of doors, which can be used in houses, apartments, offices, hotels, mechanical rooms, etc. The core material is a resin-impregnated kraft honeycomb. The honeycomb structure was first developed as a structural core (sandwich) for use in military aircraft wings during World War II in 1942. This core provides strength, insulation, sound deadening, and stability. It has a high service temperature which allows the doors to be powder coated through curing ovens up to 220°C.




SPECTRUM Shaft Doors are usually used for electrical requirements and plumbing installation access shafts. Perfect for areas requiring periodic maintenance. The Shaft Doors are designed for commercial and industrial applications.



The panic push bar/panic touch bar is used in conjunction with the lock case panic at the emergency exits. The lock monitors the condition of the doors and emits a signal to the building management system when the door is being used. The fire protection solutions make it easier for security personnel to monitor emergency exits and abnormal usages. Hotel storage room doors can be used with the Lock case, Lever Handle, Cylinder as well as Hinges. The availability of fire-protection, its durability, and a classic design make it the best solution for such kind of a door.

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